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 New Pokemon Events Announced for Movie 12!

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PostSubject: New Pokemon Events Announced for Movie 12!   Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:03 pm

For those who don't know, yes, the 12th pokemon movie was announced in Japan awhile ago; Arceus being the grand star of it all. Who cares though, lol. More importantly, two new event pokemon have been revealed for the movie in Japan, just like Regigigas and Shaymin for movie 11. The first event, will be a shiny Pichu! Here's it's known details.

Pichu: Lv. 30, Holding an Everstone
ID No.: ?
OT: ?
Ball: Cherish
Special Ribbon: ?
Nature: ?

Volt Tackle

Normally I'd be ecstatic, but thanks to Fox, I already have a shiny Pichu. Still, an event pokemon is an event pokemon. Imagine, a shiny event Raichu, with Volt Tackle, good IVs, and a good nature... Epic UU battles.

... Aaaaanyways. The second event will be much more interesting, it's what we've all been waiting for, and what we've all been expecting; an Arceus! It's moveset is also quite (crappy) special. Here's it's known details.

Arceus: Lv. 100, Holding a Rowap Berry
ID No.: ?
OT: ?
Ball: Cherish
Special Ribbon: Classic
Nature: ?

Roar of Time
Spacial Rend
Shadow Force

That's right, this Arceus knows the 3 signature moves of the 3 main legends of DPP. They're all relatively useless, however; Judgement is better than Spacial Rend, thanks to the 5% accuracy boost; trust me, I've missed with Spacial Rend before.

However, a non-Dragon Arceus may employ Spacial Rend to great success. This could shift the metagame slightly, no? Roar of Time is completely useless, and so is Shadow Force, ofcourse.

Anyways, those are the japanese details. It'l be quite a long time before these events reach the US, but hey, atleast we know we'll get Arceus in a year or so!

Now then, discuss!

And yes, I know this is a copy of the thread I made in Wiichat. >.>;
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New Pokemon Events Announced for Movie 12!
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